Spartan Fit Workshop

August 8th 2015

To anyone curious why obstacle racing is one of the fastest growing sports in recent history…come to this workshop!

SpartanFit is a workshop to help prepare people for the ultimate human sport…LIFE!

The mission of Spartan is to rip people off the coach and get them to adopt a healthy lifestyle of movement, mental conditioning, fitness and nutrition.

The added bonus is that Spartan has numerous races to test all levels of fitness from the 5K range all the way up to a 26 miler.

SpartanFIT is an active, one-day experience for all: from Trifecta finishers and fitness professionals, to first-time Spartan Racers. We will introduce you to Spartan nutrition and mental conditioning, and break down the elements of a Spartan Race to help you train and tackle race obstacles.

SpartanFIT builds complete athletes through “natural” conditioning. In SpartanFIT you will bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat, squirm and twist. You will move your body how it has evolved to move over the millennia and of course practice obstacles!

SpartanFIT is a one-day course designed for fitness enthusiasts, OC racers and coaches of all levels who are interested in Spartan Races and in living a life infused with Spartan values.

Are you ready to get SpartanFIT? What are you waiting for?

Sign up here at: Spartan Fit Workshop